Have you been looking for something really fun to do? A new hobby, a way to get in shape, a chance to meet new people in a friendly community?

Then you’re going to love swing dancing!

The type of swing dancing that we do is the Lindy Hop, the original dance of the swing era. It’s also sometimes called Jitterbug and it really is like a “bug” that you catch and you just can’t help but become addicted! It’s just that much fun!


“Swing” is the music, and “swing dancing” is the family of dances that developed to the new musical style that began with the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. Taking elements from jazz, tap, the Breakaway, the Charleston and combining them with the new syncopated rhythms of the era and a new dance style emerged—Lindy Hop!

Almost 100 years later, swing dancing with its many variations is still going strong. Since the 1990s, it’s enjoyed a modern day revival—at GottaSwing we’ve been dancing it since 1994—and things really exploded after it was featured in the Gap commercial in 1998. Today, Lindy Hop is danced all over the world and GottaSwing is proud to be one of the biggest and longest running studios worldwide.


From the United States to Sweden to Korea, if you venture onto any swing dance floor the world over and look at the faces of the dancers around you, you’re going to see happy smiling faces. Swing dancing is playful, musical, and full of personal self expression.

Swing dancing is about so much more than just the dancing. Of course we love the dancing, it’s our passion, but really it’s about the social activity. Remember, you don’t need a partner or any experience. Just come out and let’s have some fun! Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you are welcome here. Though GottaSwing is by no means a pick up joint, we’re happy to report that over 400 marriages have resulted from people meeting at GottaSwing!


We offer eight-week courses in both beginner and intermediate Jitterbug and Lindy Hop as well as a number of special classes to broaden your dance horizons. GottaSwing offers weekly classes, private lessons, and speciality classes to take your dancing to a whole new level. Don’t forget our wonderful social dances where you can practice your steps, enjoy the music, and socialize with your new friends.

Ready to try your new moves? You have ample opportunity to show them off at GottaSwing weekly dances and the numerous other swing dance events taking place within the greater DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our community, to meet new friends, and have an absolute ball together.  We look forward to meeting you!