If you’re looking for something special for your private event, look no further.  We’ve been involved in all sorts of events for over 20 years and worked with groups both small and large.  We LOVE to share our interest in swing dancing with folks and it shows.   If you’re thinking that it would be fun to have a short beginner swing lesson and dance performance at your wedding, been tasked with providing the music and entertainment for your organization’s Christmas party, or have a special fundraising event coming up and you just don’t know what to do—just ask Tom at [email protected].

Get Your Special Event Swinging!

We can teach, perform and entertain in whatever environment you require and can make your event memorable. Our talented team of swing dancers can bring exciting floor shows, fun friendly dance lessons or just a great group of dancing couples to social dance and add atmosphere to your event. We have run lessons at all manner of events, from the Kennedy Center, Smithsonian Institution, corporate events and weddings.  Contact [email protected] and we’ll discuss your event and find the best way to jump start your event.

What We Can Do For You:


Our talented swing dance teachers can provide a fun and friendly lesson to get your party off their butts and on the dance floor as well as break the social ice that stymies most events.


Our dance team The Eight Week Wonders will not only perform but encourage your party goers to get up and move.


With access to bands, DJ’s, and the best dancers in the DC metro area, we’re certain that we can help.  We can offer a package that includes band/DJ, instruction and performance and take the stress out of planning that portion of your event.  We’re your one-stop shop for LINDY HOP!