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Historical Video Archive

Shorty George and Big Bea. The Legendary George 'Shorty' Snowden and his Parter Big Bea in 1937. He was a first Generation Lindy Hopper first captured on film in the 1920's in the short 'After Seben'. Shorty George is not only credited for giving the dance it's name - The Lindy Hop.
Hellzapoppin with Frankie Manning & Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. The scene starts when musicians Slim Galliard and Slam Stewart, in workmen's garb, discover some musical instruments while supposedly delivering a package backstage.
Swing Fever featuring Jean Veloz Jean Veloz. (Jeanne Phelps) is featured here dancing with Don Gallager & Lenny Smith in this delightful number 'One Girl and Two Boys,' sung by Marilyn Maxwell with Kay Kyser's band from 'Swing Fever' (1944).
Rip It Up. Real 1950s Rock & Roll, Rockabilly dance from lindy hop!
Natalie and Yuval. A spectacular dance from Nathalie Gomes & Yuval Hod
Tom and Debra have been teaching Jitterbug and Lindy Hop since 1987. They began their teaching career with a class one night a week in 1994; now their swing lessons are taught at eight locations, six nights a week.